BoxNow & Viva Wallet in E-commerce

BoxNow & Viva Wallet in E-commerce

Advisable announses two new partnerships aimed at optimizing the user experience and increasing the conversion rate of its customers.


BoxNow offers innovative delivery services and has the biggest network of parcel delivery lockers in Greece.

Some of the advantages of this shipping method are:

  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • 24 hour access
  • Low return rate (prepaid orders)
  • Increase the total value of the basket up to 20% as a result of fast delivery
  • Low fee with flat fee, no extra costs
  • Easier customer and store service
  • Environmental protection: parcel delivery lockers are powered by 100% solar energy
  • Free shipping for 1 month

 Viva wallet
 Viva wallet offers new features to consumers and businesses:

  •  Supports multiple payment methods including debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Iris Payment, Sepa, Google Pay™, local digital wallets and alternative payment  methods

  •  Allows payment details to be saved for future transactions

  • It delivers an optimized browsing experience across all devices, ensuring transaction completion

  • Personalizes information based on language, location and other data, optimizing user experience and increasing store conversion rates by up to 21%

  • Allows modification of the checkout page to reflect the branding of each store

  • It ensures the security of transactions by using innovative technologies