Proud Sponsor - 3rd Google Marketing Conference 2020

Proud Sponsor - 3rd Google Marketing Conference 2020

This year, in a virtual version, the two-day "live and on-screen" Google Marketing Conference will highlight the most important trends in the digital marketing industry.

More than 10 leading marketing experts will be hosted as speakers at the conference, with the aim of educating and inspiring the audience around 4 main thematic areas:

  • Navigating Through the Crisis
  •  Measuring What Matters
  •  Performance & E-Commerce
  •  Brand & Video

Advisable Digital Agency's sponsorship of the 3rd Google Marketing Conference 2020 is part of a wider series of sponsorships by the company aimed at the practical support of any initiative to spread innovative, effective, pioneering, but also realistic digital communication solutions in the market. By learning and implementing modern practices, such as Google's multiple tools, businesses can successfully move toward digital transformation, which is now more than ever the order of the day.

Attendees will be able to watch the event live on their screen, via the internet, and all registered members will have networking opportunities with each other, as well as the opportunity to have valuable one-to-one meetings with the expert speakers. Live panel discussions, Virtual Expo Booths, polls, contests and more make up this two-day event.
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